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With the diversity in blood pythons and the new morphs popping up, blood pythons are becoming more and more sought after. It's no wonder why, they are very beautiful and a real pleasure to work with. They "always feed" on whatever schedule you put them on. They grow at the rate you want. They never "go off feed " like ball pythons do. I am working with some extremely beautiful t+ albino blood pythons, my new line of albino clown stripe. I obtained a wild caught striped albino female (pictured) that I have since named the clown blood. I bred her with a wild caught albino male. Half the clutch of 17 had the same very unusual striping as the mother and appears to be a codominant or partial codominant trait. In the future, I hope to breed two codiminant clown stripe albinos to make a super. I have found that the t+ albino blood pythons do not get as large as their normal counterparts especially when wild caught is bred to wild caught. I have kept many blood pythons and have found that the albino clown bloods are the most handleable and tame. The future of the "RED PYTHON" looks very bright.
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